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Red, White, and Blue Dawn

If we don't take massive action, this year, we are going to lose our American freedoms and our country.

The US government has weaponized all 3 letter agencies, the media, most of social media, and even the judicial system; as they are all actively working in concert, against the oaths that they took to protect and defend the Constitution.

Many Americans have been made afraid to exercise our Constitutional Rights after seeing how the January 6th protesters were entrapped and illegally prosecuted. 

Many people from Jan 6th haven't even been charged with a crime, yet are being held as political prisoners. 

This is un-American, Un-Constitutional, and unacceptable!

It is my strong belief, that the only way for us to avoid a Civil War, is to make damned sure that the enemies of freedom understand that if they start a Civil War; not only will we fight, we will win.

To prevent a January 6th style set-up, I propose that we hold massive rallies, of heavily-armed Americans, in all Open-carry states, at exactly the same start time (across all time zones), on the same day.

We need to get 10-20 million, heavily-armed Americans, to march in protest in each state capitol of each open-carry state.  

There are 8 million French citizens protesting in the street there.  Our news media is ignoring them. 

If 8 million French people can take to the streets, 10-20 million Americans should not be an unreasonable number to mobilize.

In France, Australia, and Canada,  peaceful protesters were 
mercilessly beaten by the police as they protested the illegal COVID lockdowns.

That is why we have to be heavily-armed.  The police will think twice before attempting such brutality on armed citizens.

I am seeking several drone pilots who can attend each state capitol protest and take video of the crowds, so that the mainstream media cannot lie about how many patriots participate.

For patriots not in open-carry states, I recommend that Trump supporters and anyone who believes that the US government is on the wrong track, go to their state capitols and peacefully protest as well.

For the leftists:  We will make our drone operators available on the next day, to count any people who support Biden and the current direction of the US government.  Get your people organized to be counted. 

The date and time of this massive, nationwide: 
Red, White, and Blue Dawn: Peace Through Strength Rally, will be set after we get sufficient word out and get confirmations from millions of Americans that they will attend, because we know that the mainstream media and social media will attempt to censor the story.

All planning and discussion will be held in public forums.  My reason for this is to keep the FBI from being able to plant information in private discussions and then file conspiracy charges to jail people, like they have done recently.

Innocent Americans have been sentenced to 20 years in prison by our corrupt government, over words planted by the FBI.

The 2 FBI agents sent to interview and intimidate me about this plan, agreed that every single action that I am planning is a Constitutionally protected activity.

That means, it is actually their job to assist and protect us while we exercise our Constitutional Rights.  You can guarantee that they will try to cause harm instead.

If anyone sees or hears of someone advocating violence or breaking any laws, consider that person to be an FBI agent and tell them to get the hell away from our protest, after you collect as much information as possible about them, to report them to their bosses at the FBI.

I recommend that you sign up for a free Proton Mail, encrypted email account, to receive our notices of future meetings, so the FBI cannot easily get your identity.

Using a VPN when access that account or filling in the form on this page is also recommended, as your IP address will show on the email metadata.

For sure, the FBI will be on the mail list.  I have personally invited them, via Twitter.

I will only mail the list to let people know times and dates of public meetings.  There will be no planning or discussion on the actual mail list.

Your safety cannot be guaranteed.  It is highly likely that an FBI provocateur will infiltrate and try to create violence. 

As I told the FBI when I explained that I was not intimidated by them; I prefer to risk death for freedom, than to die of old age or Communism. 

Many of us have lived a good life, but our kids and grandkids will be slaves unless we fight for their freedom now.

I suggest that police officers bring a white t-shirt to the protests.  If you are given an illegal order to fire on a peaceful crowd; put the white t-shirt on, so that we know that you are not an enemy of freedom.

Now is the time; make the decision; take a strong stand.  

Our lives and our country depend only on us.

How much freedom is worth?

No one is coming to save us.
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